I see a lot of yoga teachers reposting other people’s content like it is their own, without giving proper credit and even altering the original content. Read this post to know my thoughts and tips about this!

This is super important, I see so many people reposting content almost as it is their own. ⁣⁣Asking before reposting and giving proper credit is key to maintain your online reputation. Along with taking another person’s creation and work without permission, you can be subject to a copyright claim and/or violation of intellectual property.

⁣⁣In the same line:⁣⁣

– Do not take screenshots of content and post them into your feed, there are reposting apps that will maintain the integrity of the video/photo you’re sharing. Always ask for permission you can do this via DM or in the comments sections of the post you want to share!⁣⁣

– A good solution is to share the original content post in your Stories instead of your feed! (Without altering it or making it a screenshot)  I’m a firm believer someone’s feed needs to portray an original message, that person’s voice, for anything else, use stories.

⁣⁣- Tagging someone in the picture or video is not enough, you need to add their handler on the text you write, preferably at the beginning, so people right away know this is not your creation and that the caption is also not yours.

⁣⁣- Never alter someone else’s content: changing colors, removing logos, editing someone’s body, adding filters, etc, It is erasing and appropriating someone’s else work and creation. This has happened to me and it sucks! ⁣⁣

– Never use other people’s photos or content to promote something YOU are selling or offering. This generates confusion, can mess with your credibility AND if you’re a creator you need to do the work don’t use someone else’s! ⁣

I hope these tips help you to grown and maintain your online reputation and credibility :)!!!