You don’t have to be thin, strong, young, able bodied or flexible to live and own your practice! and always remember, Your Body, Your Practice!™

I’m Natalia Tabilo (She/Her/Ella) a 500 RYT yoga teacher, journalist, and the founder of Yoga for All Bodies. I was made in Chile and now I live San Francisco, CA in the USA where I trained and learned about different yoga methodologies and styles, and I’m currently sharing the message that Yoga truly is for All Bodies!

Yoga has helped me become friends with my mind and body and that’s why I want to share it with others. I know how hard and challenging it can be to trust and live in an unpredictable body, because I live with Chronic Migraine, Chronic Pain and in a larger body. But I know that in Yoga, a Trauma-Informed, Accessible and Inclusive approach full of variations can make the practice welcoming to All Bodies and All Minds.

After feeling left out and unseen in yoga classes, I decided to create Yoga for All Bodies, an inclusive and accessible practice based on variations, sensations, and freedom to meet and enjoy your body and mind, where you are today. I love Yoga props and in all my classes variations (not modifications, because everything is a 100% Yoga), are offered using them! 

If you struggle with the “traditional” versions of poses if you want to learn yoga variations or are a Yoga Teacher who wants to learn more tools to support your students you are in the right place!

To fulfill the promise of sharing Yoga for All Bodies, I’m certified in Vinyasa, Yoga for All, Accessible Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, The Roll Model Method, Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra & Meditation, Somatics, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Yoga for Chronic Pain, Yoga for the Cancer Patient and more!

In 2021 I was featured as a “Game Changer” in Yoga by Yoga Journal and in 2023 I was awarded as “The Ambassador of the year” by The Accessible Yoga Association.

About my training
*Teacher Training: 

– 300 hours RYT – Yoga Tree San Francisco

–  200 hours RYT – Danni Pomplun & Yvonne Kingsley at Satori Yoga Studio San Francisco

– Yoga for All (Yoga for larger bodies and diverse communities) with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes – 35 hours

– Roll Model Method®  with Jill Miller and Dawn Adams (Self Myofascial release and massage with Therapy Balls) – 30 hours

– Relax and Renew (Restorative Yoga Teacher Training) with Judith Lasater- 30 hours

– Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Christy Brown – 40 hours  

– Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 with Jane Austin (Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga) – 45 hours

– Accessible Yoga Teacher Training with Jivana Heyman – 30 hours

– Trauma-Informed Yoga and Somatics with Hala Khouri and Kyra Haglund Collective Resilience – 40 hours 

– Teaching Yoga to Seniors Professional Training with Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson – 20 hours

– Yoga for Chronic Pain – Duke University Health System Clinical Education & Professional Development – Kimberly Carson & Jim Carson – 35 hours

– Applied Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga Level 1 & 2 – The Embody Lab, Dr Arielle Scwartz + Dr Stephen Porges 22 Hours

– Yoga for the Cancer Patient – Memorial Sloan Ketterring Cancer Center, NY USA – 35 hours

– Yoga for Mental Health Professional Teacher Training – Princeton Center for Yoga and Health – 22 hours

– Yoga Therapy Skills for Eating Disorders – The Minded Institute, with Chelsea Roff from Eat Breathe Thrive – 10 Hours

– Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher Training with Leslie Howard – 20 hours

– Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra) – 40 hours

It’s Yoga Kids Teacher Training with Michelle Wing. Certification to teach baby, kids, and teen Yoga – 24 hours

Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training at Yoga Garden San Francisco- 25 hours 

– Formación en Yoga Sensible al Trauma – TCTSY Center for trauma & embodiment – 20 horas

*Specialty Training:

– EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 1 & 2 Professional Training – 24 hours

– Experiential Anatomy: Movement Literacy for Yoga Teachers with Judith Lasater, Mary Richards, and Lizzie Lasater – 50 hours 

– Yoga Remedy: a therapeutic approach in Yoga – 25 hours 

– MindBody Solutions “Continuing Studies” – 12 hours

– Yoga for lower back pain “Keys to Sacroiliac stability and ease of movement” with Donna Farhi – 13 hours

– Yoga Biomechanics with Jules Mitchell – 18 hours

– Somatic Principles for Yoga with Jules Mitchell – 9 hours

– Yoga Nidra for Mental Health | The Minded Institute – 4 hours

– Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing® | Somatic Experiencing International: a body-mind approach to healing Trauma & increasing resiliency  – 4 hours

– “Tailoring your teaching”, advanced training with Pete Guinosso,  Lighting the Path Module 3 – 50 hours 

– Yoga sequencing beyond the physical with Courtney Parkyn Yogaworks – 16 hours