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This are some options if grabbing the back of the thighs or the shin doesn’t work or doesn’t feel good in your body

Always adapt the pose to your body and not your body to the pose! Use your blocks and strap as tools for success to support you and help you during this exploration of the figure four stretch.

  • Gently use your hand to push the knee away from your body
  • Use your strap as an extension of your arms
  • Use a block under the foot that is on the mat to create elevation

⁣How are you adapting the poses to the needs of your body?

In this post, I give you three options to make Garudasana arms feel amazing in your body.

There are some poses that just don’t work for everybody, this is the case of Garudasana. Instead of forcing your body into a pose that demands extreme flexibility and, that requires, what I like to call “folding like a pretzel” explore different variations that will give you similar or the same benefits.

Having this in mind, let’s think for a moment about what’s the point of eagle arms: to release the tension and open the shoulders by creating space between the shoulder blades. This is why the three options I’m showing in the picture above work as great variations!

  • Option 1: Giving yourself a hug. This my personal favorite, because, as I have big breasts trying to interlace my elbows and forearms is extremely challenging! and doesn’t feel good in my body. Actually, it causes a pull on my elbow joints instead of opening the back.

  • Option 2: Elbow on top of elbow with the palms facing up. Invite your elbows to be in line with the shoulders, soften the muscles of the face and breath.

  • Option 3: Cross your forearms and bring the back of the hands together. One more time, invite your elbows to be in line with the shoulders.

Try these options on your body and choose the one that feels amazing (and use it even if the teacher doesn’t offer alternatives during the practice). Always adapt the pose to your body and not your body to the pose! What is your favorite variation for eagle arms?

In this post, I want to share with you some ideas on how to use your blocks especially if you live in a larger body or you want to experience a new relationship with gravity

These are some ideas on how to use your tools for success, aka blocks, during a flow!:
– Forward Fold and Half Lift using blocks to bring the earth closer to your hands
– Low Lunge with blocks on the inside of the front foot to take the space your body needs
– Downward Facing Dog and Plank with blocks to make it more accessible and gentle in the body
How are you adapting the practice to the needs of your body?