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Practice on your terms and time with Natalia Tabilo, the founder of Yoga for All Bodies™!

Receive 4 Classes a month (1 per week) directly in your email.

– The classes are between 45 and 60 minutes long 

– These classes are Gentle, with somatic movement, and slower-paced to cultivate awareness and explore yoga according to what YOUR body and mind need at the moment you are practicing!  

– Created for all abilities! No matter your size, shape, age, or experience with yoga! 

– Everybody is truly welcome! Because YES, you can practice yoga! If you live with chronic pain, or another disability (visible or invisible) these classes are for you! 

– Yoga Variations, NOT MODIFICATIONS, using props (blocks, bolsters, strap, the chair, and blankets) will be always offered. 

What to expect: a welcoming, inclusive and accessible practice full of options and variations! Gentle stretches and Restorative Yoga postures to promote restoration. 

– What is the price?: $16 USD per 4 classes a month ($5 USD per single class)  

Yes, these classes are pre-recorded, because I know how hard is to commit and show up to classes when you live in an unpredictable body. 


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