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    • Get in touch with me! Want to have me as a speaker in your Teacher Training, Yoga Studio, Festival, or special event? Just send me an email!
    • I specialize in:
    • – Yoga Variations for All Bodies
    • – Somatic and Mental Health Yoga
    • – Self Myofascial Release (Rolling with Therapy Balls! excellent for people who work in front of computers or seat a lot!)
    • – Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga
    • – Gentle Yoga
    • – Restorative Yoga
    • – Yoga for larger bodies
    • – Accessible Yoga (Yoga for all abilities)
    • – Classes in Spanish! (My native language is Spanish, so feel free to write me about Spanish Yoga classes. Muchas gracias!)


    Follow me @Yogaforallbodies for updates and information about classes!